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Act for the County Committee when needed and make recommendations to the Chair.

Budget &

Members ensure resources are available to carry out plans and to fund the county budget.


Work with Democrats to build from the bottom-up, do field work, and train the grassroots.


Work with the state Party to keep issues relevant, inform voters, and promote Democrats.

Town Committees

Town committees are the foundation of our party organization. They do the organizing that allows the party to connect with voters and activists across the state:

Bakersfield • Berkshire • Enosburgh • Fairfax • Fairfield • Fletcher • Franklin • Georgia • Highgate • Montgomery • Richford • Sheldon • Swanton • Saint Albans City • Saint Albans Town

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Community Caucuses

Form a caucus (e.g. BIPOC, climate, disability, feminist, indigenous peoples, LGBTQ+, religious affiliation, seniors, veterans, young Democrats, etc.).

Statewide Groups

| Vermont Democratic Disability Caucus 

The VDDC is designed to bring democratic Vermonters together to discuss disability justice and issues. It is made up of people with disabilities, and those without who care deeply about the issues confronting the disability community. It is an opportunity to not only form communion, it is the chance to prepare disabled candidates to run for office, to question candidates and elected officials, and to learn from people who have information to offer.

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| Vermont Democratic LGBTQI+ Caucus

The mission of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Plus (LGBTQI+) Caucus of the Vermont Democratic Party (VDP) is to create visibility and a strong voice for our LGBTQI+ community in Vermont politics, by providing a space for LGBTQI+ people to connect, create safety, and build political power in support of the VDP platform.

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| Vermont Young Democrats

The Young Democrats of America is “the largest youth-led, partisan political organization in the nation. The group's Vermont chapter aims to create a party that represents Vermont's demographic, keep young people in Vermont, provide workshops and learning opportunities for young people to learn how to organize and engage with politics, causes, and campaigns; get young Vermonters engaged with their communities, and more.

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Join or form a Community Caucus

We welcome efforts to organize and represent all communities, particularly those that aren't heard often enough here in Franklin County. As a community caucus co-chair, you will:

Build the Party fairly and locally - Include neighbors from all walks of life in social gatherings, community work, and discussions about local issues that impact people in your town. Become a force for unity and equity.

Express our shared values through local action - Real change begins in your back yard: Start small and build up from the grassroots.

Help Democratic candidates win elections - Work together with campaigns to champion issues affecting your caucus.