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Values rooted in freedom, dignity, and respect

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As Franklin County Vermont Democrats, we stand strongly by the Vermont Democratic Party platform. Each pillar is an interdependent, indispensable cornerstone of Vermont's vibrant future.

We're committed to the following principles:


[We're working to] vigorously examine and reform practices, processes, policies, regulations, and legislation that may inhibit or obstruct access to, and participation in, the life of our communities by any Vermonter for reasons of sex, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, religion, age, physical ability, mental health status, disability, incarceration history, or immigration circumstances...

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Prosperity for All

[We're working to] direct public and private investments focused on developing a 21st century economy that promotes shared and sustainable economic, social, and ecological well-being...

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Environmental Justice

[We're working to] enhance the quality of every Vermonter’s life within the carrying capacity of our supporting ecosystem and fully implement the Climate Action Plan...

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Health Care for All

[We're working to] unequivocally establish that health care is a fundamental human right, central to dignity, autonomy, and well-being. Universal, comprehensive, accessible, and affordable health care is essential to human life and to full participation in our society...

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Justice & Community Safety

[We're working to] improve the well-being of our communities through a comprehensive approach to public safety that recognizes our individual implicit biases and the institutional racism inherent within the criminal justice system, and that ends the criminalization of poverty, addiction, and otherness, while embracing more effective alternatives to incarceration...

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Public Education

[We're working to] secure Vermont’s future by investing in our children – sustaining our commitment to equitable and excellent preK to post high school education, increasing and improving affordable access to early childcare, and extending affordable, first-rate, post-secondary learning opportunities throughout adulthood...

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[We're working to] strengthen Vermonters’ engagement and confidence in government by ensuring free and fair elections, spirited public participation, transparent and effective government, and a free press.

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Where We Stand

This list is not exhaustive or separable: Our values are deeply intertwined and firmly rooted in respect for each other, care for our communities, and our shared duty to protect this planet.

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